Our Brands

Cheffelo is a house of brands. In each of our markets, we offer our
mealkit services through distinct local brands, hailing from a
heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Linas Matkasse helps families come together for dinner in a hectic everyday life by delivering tasty, healthy recipes and fresh ingredients directly to the door. Since its start in 2008, the company has delivered 150 million portions and today has the widest range of recipes on the market; including easy-to-make, vegetarian, inspiring, and family-friendly dishes.

Godtlevert is a leading Norwegian meal kit provider, and since 2010, we have been offering healthy, varied, and simple dinner solutions to families all over the country. Our meal kits consist of pre-portioned dinners developed by professional chefs – delivered right to your door. We believe that good food is not only about filling the stomach, but also about bringing people together around the table, and creating memories and experiences together. Our goal is to make it easier for the customer to prepare healthy and delicious meals at home, giving them more time for what truly matters.

RetNemt aims to help families turn cooking into a joyful experience that creates precious and flavorful memories around the dinner table. This is achieved by delivering fresh ingredients and easy recipes right to their doorstep. Having more than 15 years of experience with mealkits and satisfied customers, RetNemt works tirelessly every day to make cooking fun and easy for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Adams Matkasse is one of Norway’s leading meal kit providers, founded in 2013. We deliver mealkits with pre-portioned dinners directly to our customers’ doors. The mealkits are composed of fresh ingredients from Norwegian farmers, and we take pride in our inspiring recipes, developed by our local chefs.