Klaus Toft NørgaardChief Commercial Officer


    Executive MBA, Copenhagen Business School and Diploma in Marketing, Southern Denmark University.

    Other current positions:

    Chairman of the Board of RetNemt dk ApS and CEO and Chairman of the Board of Toft Norgaard Holding Aps.

    Previous positions (last five years):

    CEO of RetNemt.dk ApS

    Shareholding in Cheffelo:

    Klaus Toft Nørgaard holds 15 000 shares and 345 163 shares through his wholly owned company Toft Nørgaard Holding ApS. Klaus Toft Nørgaard holds 19,200 warrants in the Warrant program 2021/2024 and 25,000 in the Warrant Program 2022/2025.

    Claes Stenfeldt